Hello! Welcome to Lily’s Diner Website


Open every day except for WEDNESDAY

7am -12pm Breakfast 12pm -2pm Lunch

Stop by and pick something up from our deli case entrees, salads and sweets for dinner or snack!!

In the off season we will return to our normal days and hours.


Wednesday and Thursday – 7am – 12pm Breakfast Only

Friday and Saturday – 7am -12pm Breakfast 12:15pm – 2pm Lunch 4pm-7pm Dinner

Sunday – 7am -12pm Breakfast Only

Check out our weekend dinner specials here or on Facebook. They will be posted on Wednesday, hopefully 😉 !


Wednesday and Thursday: 7-12 Breakfast

Friday and Saturday: 7-2 Breakfast till 12; Lunch until 2pm Reopening at 4 for Dinner till 7pm

Thank you for visiting our website! Please click on Home – Today’s Menu for our current specials.

Thank you!

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